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Latest Release: Modular Electronica

Whilst modular (eurorack) synthesis is taking the music production world by storm we thought it was about time we dropped our first fully modular sample pack. Introducing Modular Electronica.

This sample pack is a collection of unique sonic landscapes and is designed to kick start any electronic productions whether it be House, Techno, Breakbeat or even EDM. The collection is 100% royalty-free and includes complex razor-sharp synth lines, sci-fi fx, deep bass patches, out of this world drone and background textures as well as our infamous songstarter construction kits which you can hear in the demo.

Eurorack is a truly creative beat however it can be very daunting for producers who aren’t familiar. This pack allows you to venture into the world of modular without getting caught up in the wires (patch cables).

If you’re looking to add some raw, gritty depth to your tracks, then this is for you.

Modular Electronica is 100% exclusive to www.sampletoolsbycr2.com

Check out the full pack demo here: https://sampletoolsbycr2.com/product/modular-electronica/

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