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Thanks for purchasing your APC Mini, APC Key 25 or APC40 MKII from our friends over at AKAI Professional.

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Platinum Producer: Urban

Looking to kickstart your Urban music productions? These Ableton Live packs and project templates are for you! This collection is brimming with Bass Hits to throw into a sampler, warm Bass Loops to chop up, punchy Drum Hits (including kicks, snares, claps, hats and percs), as well as groovy Drum Loops that will get the vibe going instantly. Also included are a range of edgy FX to spice up your productions, detailed synth samples, plus a selection of scintillating musical loops custom-built for Urban productions.


Platinum Producer: Electronic and Dance

This pack really will take your House/Dance music productions to the next level. Combining beefy Bass Loops, deep Bass Hits to throw into a sampler, hard-hitting Drum Hits (including kicks, snares, claps, hats and percs), as well as Drum Loops that will pound through your chest, everything you need to spice up your productions is here. What’s more, this pack also includes futuristic FX that will add flair to your productions, screaming synth samples to experiment with, plus a selection of epic synth loops designed to instantly get any crowd off their feet.


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