Sample Selects – Purple Disco Machine

Sample Selects: Purple Disco Machine

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Purple Disco Machine’s top 15 disco house samples of the moment, taken exclusively from Sample Tools packs!

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Product Description

Handpicked by Purple Disco Machine himself, Sample Tools by Cr2 present the next highly anticipated Sample Selects chart.

Introducing… Sample Selects: Purple Disco Machine

This specially selected list contains 15 unique Disco House samples taken from a couple of Purple Disco Machine’s favourite Sample Tools packs.

In this funky list you will find groovy drum loops, a few swirling FX, lively baselines, and melodic loops that will get you vibin’ instantly, giving you a taste of what we have to offer!


The sounds in this list come from the following packs: Disco Tex, Future DiscoFuture Disco 2, and Ultimate Guitar House.


  • 01_DT_Disco_Loop_Gm_124 (Disco Tex)
  • 01_FD2_Drum_Loop_120bpm_kickfree (Future Disco 2)
  • 02_DT_Disco_Loop_Am_124 (Disco Tex)
  • 03_FD_Guitar_Loop_121_Cm (Future Disco)
  • 05_FD_FX_118bpm (Future Disco)
  • 05_FD_Guitar_Loop_123_Em (Future Disco)
  • 06_FD2_Drum_Loop_120bpm_kickfree (Future Disco 2)
  • 16_FD_PianoSynth_Loop_120_Bm (Future Disco)
  • break_chord_rhodes (Ultimate Guitar House)
  • break_guitar_arp (Ultimate Guitar House)
  • DT_Kit2_Champagne_ChordsStab (Disco Tex)
  • FD_Kit1_Bass_2_Dry_C_120 (Future Disco)
  • FD_Kit2_FX_1_C#m_122 (Future Disco)
  • FD2_Kit1_Main_Bass_keyGmin_120bpm (Future Disco 2)
  • FD2_Kit1_Shaker_Loop_3_keyGmin_120bpm (Future Disco 2)