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What you get

  • 06_JH_Bass_Loop_G_125
  • 06_STH_Bass_Loop_D#_126
  • 07_DBH_Drum_Loop_DownDownDown_125_Full
  • 09_DH_Bass_Loop_122_A
  • 10_JH_Kick_A
  • 13_STH_Clap
  • 17_DH_Bass_Hit_F
  • 19_STH_Drumloop_NoKick_123
  • Drum_Loop_01_Hats
  • Drums_Perc
  • FX_5
  • Kit1_DBH2_BreakTripp_Roll_1
  • Kit2_DBH_WeGoing_Vocal2_C#m_124
  • Kit5_STH_Laser_Bm_124
  • Vox_1

Product Description

Sample Tools by Cr2 are proud to present this modest selection of sounds, chosen from our catalogue by Wade! He was born in 1991, in a town close to Seville (Spain). His passion for the electronic music began around 2009, when he started to go to big electronic parties across Europe, buy vinyls… He decided to start to make music in 2010, year which was released on beatport his first tune. Nowdays he releases on labels like Cr2, SOLOTOKO, Suara, Relief, Viva Music, Avotre among others. Right now, he has 64 Top 100 on beatport, 5 top 10 and 1 top 1 tech-house.

Like DJ, he played around Europe and America, in different countries like Spain, UK, Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, Italy, Sweden, Switzerland, Austria, Greece, Turkey, Guatemala, Mexico, Argentina, Brazil or USA.

Don’t forget to check out his brand new single ‘No Logic’ out now via Cr2 Records!

Browse through Wade’s favourite 15 samples from the Sample Tools by Cr2 catalogue! 


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