Sample Selects: EDM

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Our top 15 EDM samples of the moment, handpicked by the Cr2 team!

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Product Description

Handpicked by the team, Sample Tools by Cr2 present one of our biggest Sample Selects chart.

Introducing… Sample Selects: EDM

This brief but epic list contains 15 carefully crafted samples taken from a number of our best selling EDM packs.

The list features a huge kick drums as well as sparkling top loops, essential drum fills, heavy synth loops and chest pounding bass loops, giving you a taste of what we have to offer!

Which packs?

The sounds in this list come from the following packs: 100 – Mainroom House & EDM, Ultimate EDM & Festival Drops, and Progressive EDM 2.

ORIGINAL SAMPLES (In order of dropdown menu)

  • 01_100_Drum_Loops_128_No_Kick (100 – Mainroom House & EDM)
  • 2_Kit_128_G_Fill (100 – Mainroom House & EDM)
  • 3_Kit_150_F_Psy-trance_Bass_DRY_No_SC (100 – Mainroom House & EDM)
  • 5_Kit_128_G_Drop_Riser (100 – Mainroom House & EDM)
  • 6_Kit_128_G_Fills (100 – Mainroom House & EDM)
  • 06_UEDM_Drum_Loops_128_No_Kick (Ultimate EDM & Festival Drops)
  • 16_PEDM2_Drum_Loops_128_Hats (Progressive EDM 2)
  • 16_UEDM_Drum_Loops_128_Full (Ultimate EDM & Festival Drops)
  • 24_PEDM2_Drum_Loops_128_Hats (Progressive EDM 2)
  • 37_PEDM2_Bass_Loop_128_D (Progressive EDM 2)
  • 48_PEDM2_Bass_Loop_128_G_SC (Progressive EDM 2)
  • Fills (Ultimate EDM & Festival Drops)
  • Hoover (Ultimate EDM & Festival Drops)
  • Kick_Drum (Ultimate EDM & Festival Drops)
  • Melody_Pluck (Progressive EDM 2)