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RnB & Trap Ultimate Bundle (Was £95.94)

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Get this full ultimate bundle including 6 high quality packs for only £19.99, and take your productions to the next level!


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What you get

Total Size: 4.4GB
Total Audio Files: 1860
Total MIDI Files: 139
Total Presets: 16 Serum
  Trap Essentials
  • 124 x Drum Loops
  • 200 x Drum Hits
  • 75 x Bass Hits & Loops
  • 75 x Synth Hits & Loops
  • 20 x FX Sounds
  • 100 x MIDI Loops
  • 50 x Massive & Sylenth Synth Presets
  • 6 x Songstarters (Containing 78 Audio Files + 15 MIDI Files)
  • Total Audio Files: 267
  • Total MIDI Files: 60
  • Total Presets: 16 Serum Presets
Vocal RnB Vol. 1
  • 6 x Full Vocal Toplines (each broken down into 3 separate loops)
  • 30 x Vocal One Shots
  • 30 x Vocal Phrases
  • 15 x Vocal Ambience Loops
  • 6 x Bass Hits
  • 12 x Bass Loops
  • 25 x Drum Hits
  • 6 x Kicks
  • 8 x Snares
  • 5 x Claps/Snaps
  • 6 x Hats
  • 23 x Drum Loops (12 Full Loops + 11 Top Loops)
  • 9 x Synth Hits
  • 18 x Melody Loops
  • 11 x Music Loops
  • Total Audio Files: 227
  • Total MIDI Files: 15
Vocal RnB Vol. 2
  • 6 x Full Vocal Toplines (Dry / Wet)
  • 18 x Vocal Loops (Dry / Wet)
  • 30 x Vocal One Shots 
  • 30 x Vocal Phrases
  • 20 x Vocal Ambience Loops
  • 7 x Bass Hits
  • 13 x Bass Loops
  • 40 x Drum Hits
  • 10 x Kicks
  • 10 x Snares
  • 10x Claps/Snaps
  • 10 x Hats
  • 54 x Drum Loops (12 Full Loops + 11 Top Loops)
  • 9 x Synth Hits
  • 25 x Melody Loops
  • 21 x Music Loops
  • Total Audio Files: 297
  • Total MIDI Files: 25
Soulful Trap
  • 10 x 808 Hits
  • 15 x 808 Loops
  • 15 x Bass Loops
  • 10 x Synth Hits  
  • 20 x Melodic Loops 
  • 120 x Drum Hits
  • 22 x Kicks
  • 30 x Snares
  • 21 x Claps
  • 20 x Hats
  • 31 x Percussion (Including 9 Toms)
  • 51 x Drum Loops
  • 36 x FX Elements (Sweeps, Textures, Impacts)
  • 4 x Songstarters (93 Audio Files)
  • Total Audio Files: 370
RnB & Trap • 20 x Bass Hits
  • 20 x Bass loops
  • 60 x Drum Loops
  • 20 x Claps
  • 20 x Hats
  • 20 x Kicks
  • 20 x Percs
  • 20 x Snares
  • 20 x Melodic Loops
  • 21 x Synth Hits
  • 20 x Serum Presets
  • 5 x Songstarters (stems + midi)
  • 45 x Bonus Files
  • Total Audio Files: 389
  • Total MIDI Files: 39
Midnight Trap
  • 34 x 808 Hits
  • 10 x Instrument Hits
  • 10 x Bass Loops 
  • 6 x Music Loops
  • 6 x Piano Loops
  • 6 x Synth Loops
  • 13 x Vocal Loops
  • 75 x Drum Hits
  • 15 x Kicks
  • 15 x Snares
  • 15 x Claps
  • 15 x Hats
  • 15 x Percussion 
  • 73 x Drum Loops
  • 18 x FX Elements
  • 3 x Songstarters (59 Audio Files)
  • Total Audio Files: 310

Product Description

Get six of our best RnB & Trap packs, amounting to over 4GB of content, for only £19.99! This bundle includes amazing lush vocals as well as warm bass loops, booming 808 sample, a large selection of punchy drum hits, as well as beautifully textured music loops, giving you all the tools you need to create professional sounding RnB & Trap hits! 

Trap Essentials

This release includes soul shaking 808’s, dark piano loops, mystifying music loops, crunchy drums, and much much more, all suitable for a range of contrasting Trap / Hip-Hop styles. You’ll find over 300 high-grade samples, bespoke serum presets and key-labelled MIDI files, inspired by the tracks that currently highlight the global charts, including those of Travis Scott, Roddy Ricch, and Future. Beautiful synth loops, striking drum loops, as well as mysterious FX elements including ambient loops, as well as five detailed demo kits to help you get inspired and to kickstart your Trap productions. 

Vocal RnB Vol. 1

Jam-packed with over 200 high quality samples, including high quality vocal samples, fuzzy basslines, detailed musical loops, punchy drums, and much much more. Inspired by the sounds of Ariana Grande, Summer Walker, Halsey and Kehlani, this pack includes lavish vocal toplines, short vocal phrases, snappy one shots, and ambient vocal loops. Each vocal sample is provided both as a dry and a wet version giving you maximum flexibility. Furthermore, this pack includes warm, textural music loops which are perfect for getting the RnB vibes going!

Vocal RnB Vol. 2

Almost 300 samples in this release, once again including sizzling, vibey RnB samples with lush, emotive female vocals. Again, inspired by the sounds of Ariana Grande, Doja Cat, Halsey and Kehlani, this pack includes gorgeous vocal toplines and additionally you will find booming bass Hits, soothing bass loops, scintillating synth shots as well as punchy drum Hits and crispy drum loops. All vocals and other samples in this pack can also be used in, Pop, Deep House, EDM, Trap, and Future Bass.

Soulful Trap

Expressive Trap beats with a twist of Lo-Fi is what you can expect to find in Soulful Trap. Eloquent music loops, inspiring melodic parts, crunchy drum beats and smooth 808’s are some of the assets in this pack, to take your productions to a new level! The 370 audio files also include playful piano patterns, fruitful flute segments, soulful synth loops, mellow basslines as well as modern style drum loops with a Lo-Fi crunch. 

RnB & Trap

This wonderful collection consisting of deep, round basses, mellow pads, soulful vintage keys, crisp drums and much more, balances the new school Future Bass / Trap sound with old school RnB. The sample pack includes a wide range of sonic content, beautiful melodic loops with sophisticated chord progressions, modern drum loops separated into drum kit stems and 5 songstarters to help you hit the ground running.

Midnight Trap

Dive into the depths of the night with this fresh, mood setting pack. Encompassing the type of beats you make on a warm spring night while the moonlight shines through your studio window. Beautiful music loops, sizzling drum loops, drill-icious bass loops, as well as piano samples, uplifting vocal loops, and a selection of the finest drum hits. Of course no Trap pack is complete without some punchy 808’s and this pack has a whole range of different 808 one shots and loops, to make sure you’ll find exactly what you need!


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